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The Mets Can't Even Do The Easy Things

Posted on: July 29, 2010 8:56 pm
It certainly is amazing how the Amazin's can't even do the simple things.  Take for instance this past months inability to land a top pitcher.  In quite possibly the most fruitful of markets I've ever seen, the New York Mets failed to land a compliment to Johan Santana.  Not only did they miss on Cliff Lee they also dropped the ball on Dan Haren and Roy Oswalt.  Now, I'm aware that it isn't easy to go out and pluck a Cy Young caliber guy out of the grip of the rest of the hungry league but there are certainly a few things that the Mets have going for them that should have helped.

1) Citi Field: This state of the art ball park boasts intimacy like nothing seen before along with world class food, clubs, restaurants and that is just for the family.  The park itself is a pitchers dream with deep fences, endless space in the gaps and comes complete with a pretty solid tandem up the middle in Reyes and Beltran.  Can you say pitchers park?  Oh yeah....and 10 million or more people around to fill the seats. 

2) NY f'n City!!: Let's see....I want to make a ton of money, become a celebrity and live it large as can be alongside some of the most famous people on earth.  How about Anaheim?'re all out of that?  How about Arlington?'re all out of that?  How about...Philadelphia....?  Come on!!!!   It's New York F****n' City!!!!!!  It doesn't have to be permanent.  Nobody lives there for more than 10 years and it's like the Las Vegas of life.  Whatever happens in NYC, stays in NYC when you move out. 

3) Contender: Well.....this one is up for debate but at one point they were 2 games back of Atlanta and as of this afternoon they are only 6.5 back.  That is striking distance.  6.5 games in 2 solid months of baseball!!  And come on.... Mets vs Atlanta? and Mets vs Philadelphia?  That is hatred.  Heated, hatred.  You have an offense that should click at some point and a pitching staff that has held its own even though they are no-names. 

It's pathetic to see this kind of nonsense while Oliver "Peter Pan" Perez is raking in dough unseen since Mo Vaughn was paid into the new milenium for his services. 

For this stumbling alone Manaya should be sent packing. 
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